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GUNPOWDER AND LEAD was formed in the summer of 2008 by lead vocalist/guitarist Bob Anderson of Hanover, MA and lead guitarist/vocalist Jeff Williams of Abington, MA., two former founding members of a popular local cover rock band called Nasty Habit. After a successful seven year run in the eastern MA and South Shore region's entertainment scene, the reigning members of Nasty Habit elected to persue other musical and personal endeavors. The Anderson/Williams team remained intact and strongly determined to reform themselves into another equally viable and upgraded version of their former band.


The band that would come to be known as GUNPOWDER AND LEAD found it's first respondent worthy of being another cornerstone of the new band in October '08, that being drummer Scott Ohlson of Hanover, MA., the son of a veteran Jazz drummer and an active area session musician who has recorded with many artists and genres, aptly displaying his versatile musical background. After the first seven shows, Scott left GPL in July 2009 to persue other opportunities and was replaced by the former veteran drummer/vocalist of the Nasty Habit Band, Don "Oooge" Uggiano.


Soon to follow was Ken Morse, veteran bass/vocalist from Brockton, MA who spent the last three and a half years with a high energy club/function dance band from Boston called HipShot. This diverse band specialized in R&B/Motown/Disco and other contemporary dance music customized towards specific events, and also came upon a similar fate as Nasty Habit in October 2008. Just a few short weeks after HipShot's last performance, Ken joined GUNPOWDER AND LEAD in November '08, reuniting with Jeff Williams, whom he first met in 1996 while the two were members of a high energy, edged, and well produced country band called Shadow Canyon. Ken has performed in cover rock, country, oldies, americana, Top 40, and original bands in the eastern MA./Rhode Island regions for the past 25-30 years. He has been a free-lance musician, as well, and still performs fill-in shows in between his duties with GUNPOWDER AND LEAD.


The final musical link for the band came in keyboards/vocalist Scott Daniels, formerly of a popular function/events band from Southeastern MA called Common Ground. Scott joined up in February 2009 and comes with a resume of many years experience in classic rock, R&B, blues and other diverse forms of dance music. Scott brings his expertise to the fold and provides the essential "wall" of sound for GUNPOWDER AND LEAD. An architect by trade, he brings a versatile, technical, and methodical approach to GPL that greatly allows the band to expand it's repertoire!


We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with a number of extremely talented lead guitarists who have joined the band at various times over the years including Josh Amara, Russell Pace and Erin Carey. Mark Silva joined GPL as lead guitarist in the Fall of 2016. Mark comes from a legacy of hard core Rock bands and brings some of that kick-ass energy to the GPL sound. In addition to GPL, Mark and Bob play together in the Van Halen tribute band, Fair Warning.

With an ever-growing family of faithful supporters, GPL looks forward to rockin' out with you at one of our next performances!


Bob Anderson- Lead Vocals/Guitars

Bob Anderson- Lead Vocals/Guitars

According to Bob (and he should know), this is what his life was like before GUNPOWDER AND LEAD. He spent the early majority of his career, until 1991, with an original band called The Citizens, which landed a recording/production contract with Bon Jovi's company in the latter part of the '80's. The band recorded and released the album "Ends With Z", produced by Tony Bongiovi in the latter part of the decade. He has shared the bill with many national acts including The Joe Perry Project, Til Tuesday, Extreme, Face To Face, The Atlantics, and many others. Bob was also involved as a songwriter and soundtrack producer for the Vestron Pictures movie "She's Back", starring Carrie Fisher. After taking some time off to raise a family (yes, musicians DO grow up, sort of), Bob got back to his musical passion by forming Nasty Habit, a very successful South Shore rock band that was together for seven years. Now, he has come together with a cohesively creative lineup of musicians that share his enthusiasm for classic high energy rock.

Josh Amara - Lead Guitar/Harmonica/Vocals

Mark Silva - Lead Guitar

We're pleased to have Mark Silva with us as GUNPOWDER AND LEAD's lead guitarist. He brings a new burst of energy and a rockin' hard edge that has reinvigorated GPL's sound. We're sure you'll really enjoy experiencing all that Mark has to offer!






Scott Daniels- Keyboards/Vocals


Scott Daniels- Keyboards/Vocals

Scott cut his teeth on classic rock
and jazz fusion in the 70's. With piano and organ as his core instruments, the Mini-Moog synthesizer became his signature sound which carries through to the present. He founded The Gist, an R&B/Soul band that laid down the groove for many a packed dance floor.
By the mid 80’s Scott’s focus shifted to original music, writing and recording pop rock songs and playing all the Boston area rock clubs in bands such as Alice Blue, Going Graffiti, Option One and The Stools, where his alter ego "The Creatcha" took hold. He rocked-out for a few years with Tobacco Road, a local South Shore blues and rock band and spent most of the 90’s playing club dates and high-end functions in Common Ground, a band comprised of top talent from the Berklee College of Music. Scott continues to pursue his diverse musical tastes leading a jazz trio, sitting in with Willie McBlind, his buddy Jon’s microtonal blues band from NYC. He's also a member of Rock ’N Soul Inc, another high-end function band and enjoys kicking-ass with GUNPOWDER AND LEAD whenever they take the stage.

Don Uggiano- Drums/Vocals

Don Uggiano- Drums/Vocals

What can you say about a guy named Oooge?........ I know, we can't say that either - but
we CAN tell you this. Oooge (pronounced oooge) is a drummer extraordinaire. After
playing in various garage rock cover bands, he became a member on an original Pop band
called "Hank". Winning the ASCAP Showcase for tour sponsor Jagermeister, they went on
to tour with Mike Peters of The Alarm. He signed with Joan Jett's Blackheart Records label
and toured extensively for two years including Wales. He went on to become involved in
the recording of soundtracks and his talents can be heard in two movies and on the TV show "Ed". His energy and talent solidified the sound and drive of the Nasty Habit band for seven years and Oooge brings this established musical tradition to GUNPOWDER AND LEAD, as well! Oooge also works with bands such as Brainfreeze and The Dons.

Ken Morse- Bass/Vocals

Ken Morse- Bass/Vocals

Caravan (an original/cover rock band )
Jess Leary Band (reformed with former members of Caravan)
Odd Company (a cover rock/top 40 band)
Late Edition (a Top 40 band)
Final Mix (a top 40/GB club/function band with former members of Late Edition)
Sagewood Creek
 (a commercial Country trio)
1992-present.....freelancing musician-for-hire.
Shadow Canyon Band (a commercial Country and Country rock band)
JJ Reigns (oldies band)
Last Hurrah (a dance rock/top 40 club band)
April 2005-Oct.-2008.....
Sagewood Creek
 (reformed with new members as a cover and original Americana quartet)
May 2005-Oct.-2008.....
Hipshot (All purpose club/function/events dance band)
November 2008-present.....